Patinas, or verdigris, are the thin layers that form upon copper when the surface of the copper comes into contact with atmospheric conditions. The patina acts as a Band-Aid, protecting the copper from corrosion and decay, whilst simultaneously strengthening the metal. 

Different environments form differing patinas: from the colours of the hues, to the speed of patination; this is all dependent on the chemicals interacting with the copper. Copper exposed to sulphur-rich and damp atmospheres (city-centres, coastal areas) will patina quicker than copper in clean, oxygen rich environments (rural, high-altitude). They will also exhibit a differing colour palette.

Constructing and omnisciating patinas relies heavily on the controlled exposure of copper to sulphur and/or chloride. This controlled manipulation of patination is called ‘distressing’, and we cannot stress enough that we at CbD take this very seriously.

After careful and deliberated research, and discussions with leading industry figures, CbD has created a unique and distinctive patination process from the ground up. Using nothing but old-fashioned methods and organic, sustainable, ethical and recyclable products, CbD can, in effect, accelerate time, and cater bespoke colour patterns to any custom request.

With an eye on design, each handmade piece is a unique labour of love; no two pieces are alike, each piece a character with its own story to tell. Focusing on quality over quantity, and the product over the production line, CbD is able to provide distinct copper designs to meet your needs.