Copper by Design [CbD] was established in Perth in 2013. Our objective is to design copper pieces of the finest quality. We research thoroughly to make sure our practices are sustainable, renewable, and durable.





Our range of bespoke and distinctive patinas are ever-changing, creating a living, evolving piece of art. The “imperfections" that allow the copper to bloom from russet browns and blacks to antiquital blues and greens, are what we specialise in to make our copper “perfect”.


Locally made, from the ground up.


Each distinct piece is hand-crafted and singularly purposed over the course of many months. With an unflinching focus on quality, any piece we would not proudly display in our own home will not be considered fit for market.  


Sourced, designed, and manufactured in Western Australia, we aim to keep things local and to achieve the lowest carbon footprint possible. 


With a strong emphasis on community, and a desire to support craft-focused traders, CbD hopes to establish and promote quality-driven products and practices which retain tradition, whilst also encouraging scope for experimentation and development.