These are some custom projects done by us. If you are interested in our pieces please feel free to get in touch via our enquiry form


Cu Living Wall

We here at CbD are green to the gills. So much so we have designed customised, interlocking copper wall panels that bring domestic and commercial spaces to life. These are walls that actually breathe: these are living walls!


Cu Wall

Offering a variety of uses, these copper panels can be used in any position, on any surface, and in any condition. From bathrooms to external "green walls', the scope to their use is only stymied by the boundaries of the imagination (and the property!).


Cu Splashback

Any seasoned cook will tell you, cooking conditions change. A seasoned baker who has spent a lifetime kneading dough in a kitchen still has problems with consistency - it is the changing nature of the environment. These idiosyncrasies, however, are embraced by the cook and considered natural to the cooking process.

CbD’s Splashback is this ever-changing spirit, embodied in a sleek sheath of fine, bespoke copper. A living, breathing kitchen terroir - a relative to the sourdough loaf - it is an expressionistic mirror to the changing conditions of the kitchen. Anti-microbial, and an even distributor of heat, CbD’s copper Splashback will patina in relationship with your specific environment, providing a kaleidoscopic piece of artwork tailored by your workplace or home.



Bronte - Custom Hallway Table Design

"What I love about Amanda’s work, is how each piece is so unique. The workmanship of my copper hall table is second to none, it is so beautifully made. I have recommended Amanda’s work to my friends, and they all agree it is just gorgeous! Amanda generously donated a copper piece to a charity auction I held for the Leukaemia Foundation recently, selling for over twice the value. It has been a pleasure dealing with Amanda, I just wished we didn’t live so far away! I wish you all the very best for you new venture."